“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy


Our children’s church is an active, interactive, inspiring, exciting and highly informative place where solid Christian foundation is laid for the children using the word of God, pictures, video and audio materials.

The Watoto Church comes in different age categories; ages 0- 2, 3 -6, 7 -9 and 10 – 12 while the teenagers attend the vibrant young city, the youth arm of the Church. The Watoto Church is an exciting and a good learning place for the children.



Transformers’ Cell Connect (TCC) is the home fellowship arm of the Transformers’ Chapel (TC) ministry.

Our connect centres are never boring but interactive and transforming and full of knowledge and life.

It is a smallest church of transformers in different houses in different locations. It is the centre of care for the church, this is the place where members can ask questions and be answered on different issues bordering their minds on life related or biblical teachings.



Daughters of Destiny (DOD) is the women arm of the ministry. DOD also known as Department of Defence consists of aggressive women who are true defenders of their homes, husbands, children, marriages, ministries and their society at large.

At DOD, women are taught how to be responsible, God – fearing and exemplary role models. We tackle issues ranging from marriage to relationships, health, money, fashion, etiquettes and all that makes women true women.  Our meetings with seasoned teachers of the word and life coaches are worth attending.



Internalize. Personalize. Evangelize.

1 Timothy4:12

Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the  believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity

The Young City

  • The Young City is the Youth Ministry of Transformers Chapel Nairobi
  • The Young City is a movement of Young Modern Christian believers, who love God and love life
  • The Young city is a movement of bold young people influencing their society with Christian based morals.



We live today in an environment characterized with all manner of singlehood issues or challenges ranging from coping with or handling loneliness, knowing the right partner or finding true and lasting Love, how to handle relationship without heart breaking result etc.

You know single speaks of focus, success minded. Singlehood is not stupid-hood or stupidity in other words does not make anyone single to be unfit, loose esteem irrespective of age and stature or status either single mother or single sister.



Our Kings’ Fellowship is a dynamic and engaging ministry for men. It is specifically designed for men looking to become the husbands, fathers, brothers, and friends God has ordained for us to be as a man.

We reach men through an interactive, inspiring, exciting, energetic and highly informative teaching, group discussion, prayer, physical exercise (Gym with an instructor), seminars and other activities that can transform, build and empower men for greater height of exploit in business, health, family, marriage etc.

Remember that fatherhood is a gift to humanity and a calling from God. Therefore our main focus is to build up men that will take their place as a father, husband, brother, friend and leader that God has created us to be


We Believe that the only true basis of Christian Fellowship is His Agape Love, which is greater than any differences we may have. And without His love we have no right to claim ourselves as Christians.