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Recruiting Volunteers In Watoto Church

  • Volunteering in watoto church is a privilege and a great opportunity to serve Jesus, church and his children in transforms ministry.
  • As a volunteer in watotto church we honor and value you very much and we appreciate of you taking your time to be involved,

Qualification Of A Volunteer In Watoto Church

  • MOBILIZING-discovering whom God has called to be involved in watoto church
  • TRAINING-equipping and empowering the volunteers for the ministry called with knowledge necessary for volunteer to be effective
  • PLUG IN-this is where our new teachers get plugged in to children ministry programs
  • LEADING-this is where our new children minsters are now allowed to leader a program or children’s church program

What Is Expected Of A Volunteer In Watoto Church

Volunteer Requirements

These are requirements that all Children’s Ministry Volunteers at transformers Chapel must comply with and comply with.

  • You must have a personal relationship with Jesus that is evident by your life and your character.
  • Must seek to be a good example to the children
  • Must have a passion for children ministry
  • Transformers chapel must be considered your home church and you must regularly attend services.
  • Please contact the Children’s Pastor, if you are unable to fulfill your commitment. This will allow time to find a substitute for your class.
  • Prepare your lesson before you enter the classroom. We will provide you with all the tools and training for your classroom. Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to set up your class, and stay until the last student is picked up. Children will arrive after worship.
  • As a Children’s Ministry Volunteer at transformers Chapel you must adhere to and comply with all safety policies and procedures in this in our children ministry.

What Is Expected Of A Volunteer In Watoto Church

Classroom Teachers

  • Learn the names of your students, pray for your students often.
  • Plan your lesson during the week and prepare enough with extra
  • Arrive in your classroom 20 minutes before class begins.
  • Call the Children’s Pastor to help find a substitute when you cannot be in class and do it on time and two days before
  • Reach out to parents keeping a communication flow.
  • Study the characteristics of your particular age group so that you may be effective in your teaching
  • Attend required meetings for your own personal growth and encouragement.
  • Meet with helpers to ensure good planning for the coming week.

Classroom Helpers

  • Learn the names of your students, pray for your students often.
  • Help the Teacher.
  • Let the teacher know when you will not be there.
  • Be in the classroom on time before the kids.
  • Help take the class register.
  • Welcome the children with a smile.
  • Help set up what is needed by the class teacher.
  • Make sure the class is in order before the class teacher arrives.
  • Help take the children to the toilet.
  • Help easy flow and interaction between the children and the teacher.
  • At snack time help serve refreshment.
  • Help to cheer up the class and quiet the ones in order to make the class vibrant.
  • Help the teacher follow the class schedule.
  • Help the children gather their belongings so that they do not leave their things.
  • Be ready with extra activity (e.g. a story this is in case the service goals long).
  • Follow class instructions from the class teacher so as to set an example.
  • Always learn to give an apology in case late or if someone is wronged.
  • In case of indiscipline, be ready to handle so as not to interupt the class. Know the children by name and learn their names.
  • Give your full attention to the children.

Child Safety Policy

Transformers Chapel’s Children’s Ministry will do everything possible to protect our children from child abuse, and to protect our volunteers. We expect the following from all who are involved in Children’s Ministry:

  • Everyone who is working with children must complete a background check.
  • If any miss conduct from children don’t hit the child or shout at the child but let the children’s pastor know
  • Always wear your nametag when you volunteer, and follow the check-in and checkout policy.
  • Volunteers should never be alone in the classroom. All classes will have two or more working together in the room.
  • Never tickle, swing a child by the arms, wrestle, smack on the behind or kiss a child on the lips or coax a child to kiss you. Be very wise how you treat a child physically.
  • Children, kindergarten and up, are not to sit on male volunteers laps.
  • Only Female volunteers can take a child to the bathroom.
  • Female Volunteers of the 4 year olds and up do not need to go into the restroom with the children. You should wait at the door with the door opened and remind them to wash their hands. Check the restroom first to make sure no other adult is in the restroom.
  • Female volunteers of the 3 year olds and younger, should take the children into the women’s bathroom and only help those who need help.
  • Never touch a child inappropriately. Any place a bathing suit would cover, do not touch.

All of these things will help us stay above reproach and any accusation that could come against us. Please feel free to talk with the Children’s Ministry Pastor or any of our staff, if you have any questions.

Your Relationships With Parents

Parents are important components in our children ministry and they play a great role in our children ministry here are some guide lines on creating better relationship with parents

  • Greet every parent and child at the door. Parents are positively affected by a cheerful show of welcome and concern by the teacher. Introduce yourself with a handshake and tell them that you are the teacher. Set their minds at ease that their child will be loved and ministered to in your class.
  • Treat every parent equal and respect fo you represent the leadership team
  • Wear your nametag, give parents the feeling of comfort when they first arrive. Wearing a nametag gives the parent an opportunity to call you by name and also shows that you are a part of the Children’s Ministry Team.
  • Involve parents in the class; parents can be extremely helpful in the classroom as aides or “important guests.” If they are planning on helping the entire class time have them go to the check in table and pick up a Visitor Tag.
  • Say “goodbye” to children in front of their parents, children love this exit greeting, and parents do not expect it. It is a good time to share some joy from the class, or pass on one of their children’s special qualities, characteristics, or contributions.
  • Your attitude must be one of humility towards the parents. First, you are a servant of Christ; then, you are a servant to the parents and their children.
  • Know that God has placed each child in your class for spiritual guidance during the time they are with you. Pray for them weekly and watch God work in their lives.