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Children Ministry Programs

Kids Media Outreach




Like never before our children will not be left behind, our young generation shall not lose their vision but for every child a place to belong, and impact Their world, a place the world will hear about your Jesus is right here...we must reach our children in every way we can before the enemy takes full control of them. The power kids TV show is a program that will give plat form to every child to minister to their fellow children through their talents, gifting, skills and abilities, our children have so far been neglect end in terms of TV programs that meet there spiritual life in their level of understanding as much as we want to entertain them, they are missing out on Jesus and his blessings The power kids show, will be the program to bring holistic ministry to children.

Vision -Through the media to reach the children with the good news of Jesus and create a plat for children to share their faith and their potential maximized

Plat form 1

  • Outreaches
  • Bible exposition
  • Scripture shoot
  • Live concert primary Schools
  • Showcase the kids talents,

Plat form 2

  • Child Christian news
  • Kids to kids interviews,
  • Testimonies
  • Kids child friendly music


  • Create plat form for every child to enhance their Christian calling in life through transformers chapel.
  • To influence leadership and vision to our generation as transformers chapel
  • To influence our young generation in our society with biblical concept
  • To provide opportunity for children to minister through their talents gifting, skills and abilities.
  • To provide holistic programs to our children.
  • Create programs in radio fms


Welcome to power kids TV show, this is where you get to know about my JESUS. This is a home for you and the only program you encounter JESUS supernaturally as a child